Features of Renault Trafic Vans

The Renault Trafic has been creating a rage since its entry into the market. It is considered to be best-selling in its line in the current market. This is because, with the introduction of new models, there are always significant improvements that are appealing to the clients. The van models come with features that ensure the comfort and safety as the users. Moreover, they are stylish, and that is appealing to some customers. Because most organizations are in need of flexible commercial vans, most companies are leasing this type of vehicle. Below are some of the features of the Renault Trafic vans

Attributes of the Renault Trafic Vans

Dynamic design

The vehicle is available in three distinct types which are the passenger van, panel van, and crew van. Each of the models is dynamic and exceptional in their ways. Most of them are designed with slender and expressive headlights. Moreover, their front bumper is robust and protective hence giving it an exquisite look.

Comfort features

The van comes with a cruise control system which enables you to adjust to the maximum speed. Another important feature it has is the hill start assist which helps the driver to move off smoothly. In addition to that, the front fog lights aid in improving the visibility when there is fog or heavy rains. You can also monitor the pressure of the tires with no trouble because the vehicle has a pressure monitoring system that shows you the pressure at all times.


The Renault Trafic Van comes with many economical engines. The vehicle is designed with twin turbo engines which are combined with electric smart. They also have stop and start management which allows the car to cut down fuel consumption significantly.

Business features

Some individuals may require extra storage space in their vans. The Renault Trafic is therefore ideal for them because it has fourteen storage compartments. It does not matter whether you have light or heavy items to store because you can store everything in the compartments. Some models come with a touchscreen cockpit which allows for easy navigation as well. Alternatively, it can also be a dock for your laptop.


Van leasing companies offer a lot of accessories to keep the users comfortable. The van has a trunk protector that protects it from regular wear and tear. Moreover, they have an advanced system that ensures maximum security of the vehicle. They also have tow bars that enhance durability.…